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SISA wants to create a sense of whānaungatanga among our members and clubs. We have created 'The Whānau profile' page to showcase all of the legends that make our clubs and SISA possible. This is aimed at our surfers, organisers, clubs and behind the scenes legends in our amazing community. Any South Island club member can make the whānau page. 

This will Also transfer over to our Socials.

If you have a legend at your club you would like to nominate,  give them some Arohanui

and get in touch with us now!

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Jack Tyro 

CLUB: Point Surf Team, CHCH

Sponsors: Exit Surf | Morris Surfboards

Our first whanau profile - Jack Tyro recently took out the number 2 Grom title in Aotearoa. Placing 2nd at the Billabong Grom Series. He has also been selected to compete and represent Aotearoa at the ISA World Junior Surfing Champs in El Salvador in 2022.

Jack is a very consistent surfer and places well in most of the comps he enters. Our favourite performance of his was actually at the Nationals in Westport 2022 where he claimed three 1st placings in multiple Divisions: U16 Boys Shortboard, Junior Mens Longboard and Open Mens Longboard. An outstanding achievement for a 16 year old dude from Christchurch. We have asked him a couple of questions below:

How does surfing make you feel Jack?

Jack: Surfing makes me feel part of something, a community where I can be myself and experience life with friends who are living the same dream. The surfing dream. Being in the waters so relaxing but exhilarating  at the same time. It makes me feel like im meant to be there

What has been your favourite comp to date?

Jack: New Zealand Nationals 2022

Go to spot?

Jack: My go to surf spot is Taylor's

Favourite board?

Jack: My 5'6 js Monster 2020

Who inspires your surfing?

Jack: The people around me

Keep up the good work Jack!

Jimi Higgins

CLUB:South Coast Boardriders

(Striped shirt pictured right, showing judges how to use live heats)

Why do you get involved with the club/SISA?

The reason I enjoy getting involved in competitions is because when I was younger I loved to compete in our local ladders and the South Island’s. I had such a great time making memories and meeting people. Now that I no longer compete I want to give that same experience to other kids, and by getting involved I can do that.

How many years have you been involved in your club?

I first joined South Coast when I was 2, and started competing when I was 5 until I was about 16. Since I was no longer competing, I still wanted to be involved, so I signed up for the committee and since then I have been involved in the running of the club and competitions.

What do you love about the SISA community

The thing I love the most about the SISA community is the community spirit. One thing I’ve witnessed at SISA competitions is the rivalries between the clubs, where everyone is fighting for the win, and to get the most club points. The difference between the SISA community and some North Island clubs is that even though there are those rivalries, everyone gets along and when someone in SISA succeeds everyone shares their success. When we travel to the North Island for competitions the SISA crew is always supporting one another and cheering each other on, which is one thing I value about the SISA community.​


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