SISA Circuit

The SISA surf circuit is made up of four main contests in four different locations and a number of other specialty events.  Each of the main contests have a range of divisions and at at the end of the circuit, a competitor is crowned champion of each division.

The divisions are :

  • Open Men and Women

  • Senior Men and Women ( > 30 )

  • Grandmasters ( > 45 )

  • Longboard Men and Women

  • Junior Men and Women ( < 20 )

  • Under 18 Boys and Girls

  • Under 16 Boys and Girls

  • Groms

Outside of the four main contests there is also the very well supported Grom Series, Longboard comps, fun comps, non sanctioned regional comps and also some extra comps for the juniors.  Some of these have divisions that are SISA sanctioned.  These can therefore be used to gather valuable competition points in the race to be crowned the division champ at the end of the season.

Club points, from this year, can only be gained from the main comps, The Cape Classic in Westport, The South Island Champs in Dunedin, The Canterbury Men's and Women's champs and finishing with the Cold Water Classic in Kaikoura.


30th October - 1st November

Canterbury Primary School Champs


5th - 6th December

South Island Primary School Champs

North Wai

12th - 13th December

Event one of the SISA Grom series


10th - 15th January

Surfing NZ Nationals


29th - 31st January

Event two of the SISA Grom series

Westport (in conjunction with the Cape Classic)

30th January - 1st February

SISA circuit event - The Cape Classic

Westport (in conjunction with the Grom series)

6th - 7th February

The Dunga Classic

North Wai

20th - 21st February

The Malfunction Longboard comp

New Brighton

6th - 7th March

SISA circuit event - The Canterbury Womens Champs


12th - 14th March

The Duke Festival of Surfing including Event 3 of the SISA Grom series

New Brighton

2nd - 4th April

SISA circuit event - The South Island champs


9th - 11th April

The Single Fin Mingle


17th - 18th April

Event 4 of the SISA Grom series


24th - 26th April

SISA circuit event - The Canterbury Mens Champs

Canterbury (Mobile event)

4th - 6th June

SISA circuit event - The Kaikoura Classic